Monday, May 5, 2014

A Rare Time of Year

Welcome soon-to-be graduates to the final stretch
Welcome everyone to May

This time of the year always signifies either a start or an end to everyone. For those graduating or wrapping up the academic year, it signifies the end. It also means the start of a new chapter and lifestyle. All those things we now consider constant in our lives, like going to class, waking up in our college apartment, making ourselves the same meals, doing homework in our favorite spot, will soon end. Even for those of you going onto graduate school, while most of those things will stick around, they will feel different. You will feel different.

For those that have already graduated from college either last year, five years, or 20 years ago probably find May to be a meaningful time. All year you have tackled busy schedules, work meetings, and more emails than you can imagine. While those constants will still be there, they will also be accompanied by the start of summer, possibly a more relaxed work environment, and more family vacations. Either way, no matter where you are in life, May is a rare time of year.

I encourage you to reflect on your beginning or ending. Where is your life taking you next?