Sunday, March 16, 2014

Life Lately

Usually I don't take a ton of pictures on my iPhone like this post makes it seem. However, I stared a new project called The 100 Day Project, inspired by HeyAmberRae. For this project you will need to perform an action once a day, for 100 days. The only requirement is that the action you choose must be repeated in some form every day. Whether that action is to exercise, read for an hour, or take a picture every day, the goal of the project is to better yourself through action.

The project is about action not achievement. You don't need to reach day 100 with a newly decorated apartment. But perhaps your action is to paint a new picture each day, which not only leaves you with 100 new decor pieces for your home, but also gives you lots of practice as an artist!

My action for the 100 Day Project is to expand my creativity in photography. I plan to do this by taking one picture each day for 100 days. The photos you see above are the results of this action.

So what will your action be? What do you want to do to better yourself for the next 100 days?

Join me in this journey!

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