Monday, September 29, 2014

The Secret's Out!

About Chipotle's guac. Yes ladies and gentlemen I have found and successful duplicated (if I do say so myself) the famous Chipotle guacamole recipe. It is two of my favorite things, simple and delicious.

Let's get started.

six avocados
one tablespoon of lemon/lime juice
one teaspoon of salt
one half cup of cilantro
one half cup of red onions
one fourth cup of jalepanions (seeds not included)

And that's it! I told you it was simple. I do have to make a plug for the Chipotle Cultivate Festival, where I originally learned how to make this famous guac. It's a festival organized by Chipotle that centers around food, music, and healthy foods that are naturally grown and good for you. Yet another reason to love Chipotle. 

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