Monday, December 15, 2014


Everyone has a brand they admire from afar. One that is aesthetically inspiring but may or may not come at an affordable price. Anthropologie has become that brand for me.

First off, can we talk about their photography and pinterest posts? It's the simplest of the style placed in a rich and rustic backdrop that makes the designs so desirable. Not only do they break down the basics of wardrobe, they also make everyday occurrences look like attractive activities. Place a warm cup of cocoa, next to cozy woolen socks, layer with a warm photo filter and we have the  most liked instagram photo. It's brands like these that inspire my way of living. Relaxed. warm. simplistic.

Take a look for yourself and quickly become inspired…
**All photos are from Anthropologies pinterst page. I do not take credit for any of them. 

 What brands do you admire?

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