Thursday, June 6, 2013

Well folks, after five long days without the ol' internet, I finally have it back. It's pathetic, but I'm excited.

First and formost, I have arrived to my internship destination (woo!). Besides being extremely busy over that past week, I won't share many updates on the work front. Partly because I don't think I am allowed to. However, I will say that everyone has been extremely welcoming and kind, especially since I look lost half the time trying to find my way from building to building.

Life on the east side of the States is different, but good. I haven't been able to explore much of the area yet, but that's what this weekend is for. I am excited to hopefully share more pictures and stories throughout my time here. However, since it is repetitive to share photos both on Facebook and here, I'll mostly just  post updates and pictures on this space. Pictures are limited in this post so I'll share a list of my must do's this summer:

Try Dunkin' Donuts
Develop an east coast accent 
(but not permanently)
Learn my way around the office
Find a yoga studio
Visit New York and/or Boston
See the ocean 
Take pictures
Do my best
Have fun 

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