Monday, July 15, 2013

Why I Blog

Why do I blog? Because blogging is awesome (simply put).

Whenever I tell people that I read blogs in my free time the first reaction I usually get is a confused expression, followed by a comment like "Wow, I didn't know blogging was still a 'thing'". Yes, thank you, it's still a 'thing'.

When I first started exploring the blogger world I was simply interested in following photographers. It was like attending a free art museum from the comfort of my bed, and it was amazing. I quickly realized how many talented writers, artists, and entrepreneurs express their craft in a simple space on the internet. Slowly, I started expanding my interests and began following crafters, foodies, motivational speakers, and stay-at-home moms that transformed blogging into their full-time job. It still amazes me the amount of creativity that could go into a blog. Each one is different and unique to the writer's personality. It's like reading a picture book for adults (bad analogy).

After realizing the endless possibilities that blogging held, I contemplated starting one of my own. Of course, I had no idea what I would write about. I just knew I wanted to have fun and be semi-creative in the process. Now we reach present day.

Although I am still trying to figure out my purpose and goals for my little corner of the internet, I have found the process to be a learning experience. Not only is it a way to express oneself in writing, but it's also a way to document life's thoughts, memories, and adventures. Unless you are one to keep a journal, how often do we get this type of documentation? Not often.

To sum it up and to answer my previous question, the reason that I blog is because I want to create, express, learn, and document life one post at a time.

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