Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Review

Today I'm going to switch it up and do a book review this Wednesday. If you're a book worm like me or trying to encourage yourself to read more, this is a great option. 

Now, you may have already heard of this book and be thinking, "Allison, this is a book for women, not men." Wrong! For all you men out there, this book is important for you to read too. Especially if you work in a corporate environment, this book will open your eyes to things you may not be aware of or shed light on things you have already experienced. 

Ok, so what is this book about. Instead of reading a long summary, I thought it would be beneficial to tell you some of my key takeaways. Hopefully some of these will spark your interest to want to read more. 

It's a fact that there are a far greater number of men at the top of any work sector than women. 

Why? Because women systematically underestimate their abilities compared to men.

As a society we tend to put more pressure on men to succeed at work then women. We need to make it ok for men to stay at home too if they'd like. 

This book ultimately encourages women to sit at the table, literally, if you're a part of a team make sure people know you're there and don't be afraid to contribute your ideas. 

Second, make their partner a real partner and evenly split the work of child rearing. Many women have a job during the day and then come home to do twice as much hose work  and three times as much child rearing as men. 

Finally, don't not leave before you leave. In other words don't count yourself out of the workforce if you're still in it. 

Some awesome advice from a women who has experienced it all. Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg is a must-read.  

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